Two New Vinyl Reissues!

Yesterday was a heckuva day in the Extroverts universe. BOTH of our vinyl reissues came out ON THE SAME DAY through no planning on anyone’s part. Big thanks to Take the City Records / Beat Generation for reissuing our 2016 album SUPPLE in Spain! And to SUPREME ECHO for remastering eight of our 1979 demos and releasing them on 7″ vinyl with sweet booklet!

SUPPLE was written in 2009-2015 using leftover lyrics from our 1979 era with new music. This limited edition release is available in black or clear vinyl. And it comes all the way from Spain!

Jason at SUPREME ECHO selected eight songs from our 1979 demo, remastered them (as best one can using a 40-year-old cassette!) and released them on 7″ vinyl, packaged with an entertaining and well-designed booklet.

Link through to these superfine labels and show them some love with the Shop Now button!


Part Time Job

The Extroverts love The Clash so much that we have been covering them from the get-go. Now we are going a step further, and have formed The Bankrobbers. All Clash, all the time. Show coming up November 2, 2019 at the Cure in Regina, with other tribute bands!



Believe it or not, 2019 marks the 40th year since the Extroverts got together and went hard. And we’re still going (sort-of) hard! 2019 plans include an album of new originals, not one but TWO vinyl reissues, and shows to help move all that music around. Announcements coming as 2018 fades and 2019 marches in.